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Hello, Welcome to Rómenna,
a BenOp Online Community & Resource Center

Rómenna is a central gathering place for community, connection, and practical (as well as intellectual/philosophical) tools to help build the Benedict Option and support each other in the commitment to "live not by lies" in the face of the increasing incompatibility of the expectations of mainstream society with the orthodox Christian way of life.

I was inspired to begin creating something to help others like my own family, when I met with the Zennaro family and their collaborators in the Cascina San Benedetto project in Italy in 2019. I realized in the course of subsequent conversations both online and offline, that one of the major needs for people who resonate with the Benedict Option is for a space to connect with one another from around the world and even to just find people who may be nearby locally, so that we can share resources together and support one another in living Christian community life in increasingly challenging times. 

Recent censorship and algorithmic silencing on major social media platforms  has also made clear the timeliness of creating an independent, lower-tech, platform in which we can speak freely and maintain our connection to one another outside of the dominion of the whims of social media giants. You could think of the BenOp community forum here as a sort of "parallel polis" to the world of social media (learn about Vaclav Benda's idea of the parallel polis here).   

Additionally, Rómenna is in development to become a central hub of practical advice, historical resources, information, and cultural works, in order to provide an invaluable resource for walking in the footsteps of St. Benedict (and others) to create communities of Christian community and family life, oases of hope and prayer in the midst of an increasingly uncertain and rapidly changing world. 

Come visit the forum and join in the conversation!


The Face(s) behind the Rómenna Project


Cameron Professional Headshot Photo.JPG
Dr. Cameron M. Thompson

Anthropologist ​& Author

My professional specialization is the historical development of Christian culture, and I am dedicated to the restoration and renewal of authentic Christian culture. 

You can find out more about
Dr. Thompson's work here.

Loreto Benedict Option


where was the chief haven of Númenor. . . 

And the chief dwelling of the Faithful in the later days was thus nigh to the harbor of Rómenna. 

Therefore Amandil withdrew to Rómenna, and all that he trusted still to be faithful he summoned to come thither. . . 

— The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

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