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**New Workshop Series** Live Not By Lies: Applying the Benedict Option Today

Sign up for one, some or all of the workshop sessions here.

Alright here we go! A year ago I put on a seminar on what Benedict himself can tell us for how to live the Benedict Option (which was a great success) and I’ve been working hard over the past year—including our move to Italy precisely to be able to live this more fully, and closer to my good friends at the BenOp community in Norcia—to prepare for this in-depth practically oriented series of workshops (100% virtual so you can participate from anywhere in the world) addressing the urgent challenge of how to live as a Christian in this society increasingly incompatible with a Christian way of life.

Check out the link below. I look forward to seeing you there!

The topics we’ll cover—we’ll be drawing from both specifically BenOp themes and also hitting the practical takeaways from Live Not By Lies—are as follows:

September 25: Our Calling as Christians Today — A Call to Radically Live the Gospel (LNBL Principle: Value nothing more than the truth.)

October 16: The Tools to Craft a Christian Way of Life (LNBL Principle: Cultivate Cultural Memory.)

November 6: Humility, Silence & Prayer (LNBL Principle: Religion is the Bedrock of Resistance.)

December 4: Community Organization and Caring for the Needy (LNBL: Standing in Solidarity.)

January 8: Putting your Household in Order - Work, Travel, & Basic Needs (LNBL Principle: Families Are Resistance Cells.)

February 12: Christ in the Community & Having Eyes to See (LNBL Principle: The Gift of Suffering.)

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